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Ash Creek Rustic Stone Look. Variety of accent options for both floor and wall. Coordinating floor and wall tile. Floor tile has a lightly chiseled edges. Color Line

Avenue One Echoing the distinctive style that's had such appeal in residential and commercial designs Avenue One is a porcelain tile that provides a clean, neutral look with a more refined twist.This remarkable ColorBody porcelain tile delivers the modern, minimalist aesthetic thanks to a unique brushed finish and truly striking color treatments with the characteristic movement of stained concrete.Available in ten matte-finish colors like Sidewalk, Coffee Shop, Municipal Gray and Nightlife, Avenue One is an extremely flexible high-fashion tile. Because it presents both urban character and a contemporary appeal, it works wonders in a wide range of applications. Color Line

Bright Bright provides a color palette that's ever-pleasing and always appropriate. Its soft, solid and speckled colorations are particularly well-suited to backsplashes. Offered in a durable, high-gloss finish, Bright tile coordinates with Matte tile, as well as with popular plumbing fixtures... so choosing Bright for its custom possibilities is always a bright idea. Color Line

Chloé Like the infamous jazz song, Chloé tile is all about movement. A modern remake of a popular tile from the Roaring Twenties, it features four rectangular white glazed mosaic pieces that seem to revolve around a center tile. For those seeking a truly vintage look, a white or black center can be used to recreate a look common to yesteryear. For a more modern interpretation, the center can be filled with metallic or glass mosaic pieces. No matter which style you choose, Chloé will make your favorite room the "Cat's Meow". Color Line

Costa Rei Color Line

Designer Elegance Designer Elegance is a collection of listellos… special decorative tiles displaying a graphic motif created with color and/or relief. They are designed to coordinate with American Olean wall tiles. With a wide range of accent strips, rope liners, dots and chair rails, Designer Elegance makes it simple to create a room that reflects your personality. Color Line

Glass Block Color Line

Linea Color Line

Lyndhurst Mosaics The small village of Lyndhurst near Hampshire, England beckons with the beauty of rural living. Of course, you don't have to live in the country to enjoy rustic charm. Lyndhurst Mosaics brings the essence of the Old World into your world. With its earthen colors and slightly worn appearance, it's most at home in any application, especially when coupled with other popular American Olean tile lines. Three random color blends transcend a multitude of looks as well as design schemes. From the woodlands to the meadows, Lyndhurst Mosaics will bring it all home. Color Line

Matte Matte combines muted colors and a smooth satin finish for a look of quiet elegance. Glazed for durability, Matte-tiles can be coordinated with Bright wall tile, which has a glossy finish, for a true custom effect. Color Line

Profiles Color Line

Quarry Naturals Quarry Naturals let you choose from a group of solid colors or slightly-striated, visually-textured "flash" surfaces, all with a natural, handcrafted look. Durable and long-wearing, Quarry Naturals' slip-resistant cushioned edge and, unglazed surface make them eminently suitable for outdoor patio and pool areas as well as floors and walls. Color Line

Quarry Tile Quarry Tile possesses warm, natural color throughout the tile, which makes it perfect throughout the home… from floors and walls to outdoor patio and pool areas. You can choose from inviting solid colors or "flash" surfaces with slightly-striated colors and a square edge for a little added visual texture... all with a slip-resistant, unglazed surface. Color Line

Satinbrites Satinbrites provides a high-gloss finish in a stimulating, contemporary color palette. With a durable, glazed surface, Satinbrites creates a wide range of color possibilities. They're absolutely dazzling when used alone. Or, if you're seeking a truly distinctive look, they can be combined with matte-surface Satinglo for a stunning effect. Color Line

Satinglo Satinglo with its subtle and satiny matte finish, invariably adds a seductive, understated glow to your home. With a durable, glazed surface, Satinglo may be used alone with great success, or mixed with high-gloss Satinbrites for some very interesting textural effects. Color Line

Saxon Metals Color Line

St. Germain Emulating the superb texture of St. Germain district's fabrics, this tile is available in a tapestry of nine welcoming colors that also possess remarkably linear undertones. This contemporary, high fashion tile has a unique capacity to complement many room accents thanks in part to its soft, comforting effect. Color Line

Sure Step II and Paver This is your sure choice for safety and durability. Sure Step II and Paver has superior slip resistance, even on wet or greasy floors. It's also stain-resistant, and it's low moisture absorption makes maintenance easy. Sure Step II and Paver's dense, color-through body has the breaking strength needed for the roughest commercial installations. Color Line

Unglazed Mosaics & Options Unglazed Mosaics & Options are complete wall and floor tile combinations, in a slip-resistant mosaic format that is ideal for wet areas such as showers and tub surrounds. Color Line

Urban Canvas A modern/contemporary wall tile featuring a modular size package of rectangular wall tile sizes in 20 of the Bright and Matte colors. Color Line
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